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"CBA has done a great job with Lightwave Electronics over the past 17 years.  They have always been helpful and responsive.  Our inspection year after year has been 100%.  The people are nice and very helpful.  I would recommend CBA to any company out there.  CBA has ALWAYS finished work for us in shorter than the standard lead time.  It is a great company!"

–Andrea Lakatos,
Lightwave Electronics Corp.

"My experience with CBA has been terrific!  I am happy with the quality of their work and professionalism.  Many times, CBA personal have stayed late, and worked during weekends in-order to meet our tight schedules."

–Anh Tran,
Marvell Semiconductor

"CBA does great work at competitive prices. I enjoy working with them."

–Mike Kirkpatrick,
Stanford Research Institute

"Always from day one greeted with a smile.  CBA understands the business and drives to delivering quality back in a timely manner.  Always available to handle last minute requests."

–Richard L. King,
National Semiconductor

"CBA has done an astonishing job of providing fast turn-around, affordable, and accurate assembly of our PCB!"

–Leif Larson,
Aeluros Inc.

"I have been a customer with CBA since 1996.  I really appreciate CBA's help on our products and prototypes.  They have done great work for us even when we have given them the wrong components, incorrect resistors, and inaccurate capacitor values.  The folks at CBA have a knack for finding errors.  In all the assembly houses that I deal with, CBA is the best!"

–Justin Tang,

"CBA provides quality assembly and excellent services for PCB assembly.  I have worked with CBA and their staff since 1994 and they have provided fast and reliable workmanship for all our projects.  I recommend their services to all our customers!!!"

–Nick Testa,
Spectra Systems